Civic Improvements

Educational Excellence

Parks & Recreation

Over the past 16 years, the Chehalis Foundation has taken on over 27 civic, education and recreation projects. In total our generous donors have provided over $6.9M allowing these projects to be done. You can see the case studies of our featured projects that are divided into three categories of focus; Civic Improvements, Education Excellence and Parks and Recreation.

All of these projects have achieved notable results. The Chehalis Foundation strongly believes that success gets rewarded, so we work hard to make every project successful. We evaluate our success by the positive impact our work has on the community.

Each year, we continue to see progress being made with the projects we support. A characteristic that differentiates the Chehalis Foundation from other service organizations is our commitment to finishing the job quickly and to the highest standards possible. This is entirely due to the countless hours contributed by volunteers who live and work in the Chehalis area, the extraordinary efforts of the people who volunteer on our Board, and the heartfelt generosity of our benefactors.