Chehalis Foundation VR Lee Community Center
VR Lee Community Building Chehalis Kitchen

VR Lee Community Building

Located on the grounds of Recreation Park, the V.R. Lee Community Building is one of few rental spaces in Chehalis that can accommodate a big crowd with a capacity of 125 people. Many of the meeting hall’s fixtures were outdated and in need of repair. The Chehalis Foundation donated $14,000 to purchase new tables and chairs, window blinds, a fireplace propane insert, a new range and sink for the kitchen, and exterior signage to help people find this wonderfully updated facility.



Restore a vital public meeting hall in Chehalis.


$14,000 one-time investment to purchase new tables, chairs, fireplace insert, kitchen range, sink and new exterior signage.


The V.R. Lee Building is now a modernized rental facility, making it a desirable location for private meetings and parties.

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