College Scholarships

The Chehalis Foundation began awarding college scholarships to W.F. West High School graduates in the class of 2013 and that year $20,000 was distributed across 15 graduates. Last year, 2019, Chehalis Foundation Scholarships went to 38 students totaling $76,900. West/Coffman Scholarships as well as the Leonard Scholarship Funds are now being managed by the Chehalis Foundation, and last year an additional 42 students received scholarships totaling $44,600 for one year, and renewable for 8 years totaling $356,800.

Chehalis Foundation has several Scholarship Funds that have been created by our generous alumni, family name memorials, and other groups and individuals. Since 2013 these funds have provided over $1,000,000 in scholarships awarded to deserving W.F. West graduates. You can donate to an existing scholarship fund or establish your own scholarship and join the many people of Chehalis who support education and career training beyond high school for our graduating seniors.

  • Herman and Virginia Adolphsen
  • Carmelita and Marion Barr
  • Harvey Breen
  • Chehalis Foundation West/Coffman Scholarship Trust
  • Robert W. Close
  • Ruth M. Close
  • Denny Daniels / Harry Gust Wrestling Scholarship
  • George Gablehouse
  • Rodney Giske
  • Barb Grega Outstanding Citizen
  • Harry and Dorothy Gust
  • John and Lois Leonard Scholarship Trust
  • Laurie Merta
  • Pauline Parkinson
  • Rod Rinta
  • Steve Rasmusson
  • Richard “Dick” Sieler
  • Simpson, Larsen, Judd Band Scholarship
  • Connie Small
  • Smitty and Bobbie Smith
  • Jim Vander Stoep
  • Gene Verley Business Scholarship
  • Doris Hamilton White
  • Dave Williams
  • Classes of the ‘50s
  • Class of ‘63
  • Class of ‘65
  • Migrant Student Scholarship

Chehalis Foundation looks forward to seeing future scholarships raised by more Alumni that are able to give back. Our endowments continue to grow thanks to generous support. For more information regarding the Scholarship Funds, or to establish a new one please contact Jenny Collins, Executive Director.

Published May 18, 2015



Help deserving W.F. West High School students attend college.


Through the Class of 2019:

$406,900 Chehalis Foundation Scholarships

$382,600 W.F. West and Coffman Scholarships


Over two hundred students are currently attending college or career training thanks in part to the Chehalis Foundation.
Total scholarship awards since 2013 are over $1,000,000.