W.F. West High School Baseball Field and Scoreboard

High school and recreational baseball leagues use the baseball field at W.F. High School in Chehalis. The field was originally constructed in 1993, and featured a scoreboard that was installed in 1994. Bearcat Baseball Stadium is one of the finest High School baseball facilities in the Northwest. Annually it plays host to District, Regional, and State Tournaments for ages 13-19. The original, 20-year-old scoreboard needed parts that are no longer available. So the Bearcat Baseball Stadium Club and L&E Bottling Co. raised half the funds needed for a new, $12,441 scoreboard, and the Chehalis Foundation matched the amount. CF’s contribution came via Ingwerson Trust.

Published March 10, 2015



Upgrade W. F. West High School’s Bearcat Baseball Stadium and replace failing and outdated scoreboard so it continues to be one of the finest High School Baseball facilities in the NW.


$12,441. was needed to complete the scoreboard. Chehalis Foundation matched Bearcat Baseball Stadium Club and L&E Bottling funds with money earmarked for baseball field renovations by the Ingwerson Trust.

CF Board members continue to secure private donations, volunteer time and their expertise as needed.


The new scoreboard made it up in time for the 2015 baseball season!