Chehalis Community Tennis Courts Renovation

The community tennis courts in Chehalis are owned by the school district and located on the W.F. West High School campus. The Chehalis Foundation has played an important role in maintaining the courts. Twice the Foundation has paid to have the courts professionally cleaned, and in 2011 it donated $11,703 toward the renovation project. The court improvements got started as the result Nicole Beck’s Wish. Nicole was an incoming W.F. West senior and she was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time. She chose to have the decaying tennis courts reconstructed as part of her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Because Nicole’s wish cost 10 times more than Make-A-Wish Foundation provides for a Wish recipient, the tennis court renovation evolved into a community-wide effort that raised over $80,000. Specifically the Chehalis Foundation’s donation paid for lighting two of the courts. As a result, tennis can be played on dry evenings in Chehalis after the sun goes down.

Published March 3, 2015



Contribute to community-wide effort to resurface, re-fence and light the aging, crumbling community tennis courts on the campus of W.F. West High School.


$11,703 for lighting two courts.


Thanks to the Chehalis Foundation, tennis after sundown is a local sport.