Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative

In 2013 the Foundation began partnering with the Chehalis School District to help their Student Achievement Initiative to improve the effectiveness of education in every classroom. The initiative aims to prepare our students for college and careers.  The goals include increasing the percent of Chehalis students going on to earn college degrees from 20% to 60% by 2024.

The Chehalis Foundation funded the school district’s national search for a consulting team. The district chose the BERC Group that has done research for the Gates Foundation and has conducted evaluations of effective teaching in more than 40,000 classrooms across the country.

The Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative was begun after the school district received the BERC Group’s recommendations following a district-wide, every classroom, review conducted in the fall of 2013.  The BERC Group has continued working with the district funded by the Chehalis Foundation. The results to date are that the BERC Group has seen more classroom improvement here in Chehalis than in any other school district they have evaluated across the country!

Chehalis School District and the teaching staff have demonstrated an amazing willingness to embrace the challenge of changing instructional habits. The Foundation is working hand in glove with the school district to provide funding to meet the goal of 60% college grads coming out of W.F. West by 2024, while providing more opportunities for the students who want to be career ready.

Here are just a few of the enhancements and additions for the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative:

Based on these successes with the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative to date, the Chehalis Foundation has committed  to expand the Initiative offerings. By including Centralia College and private donors in the partnership, we can now offer more to all Chehalis students and we will provide the key leadership and fundraising to make the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative even more successful.

  • Dedicated District Asst. Principal for Teaching and Learning to this Initiative
  • Mentorship Program Enhancements
  • Performance Metrics and Data Driven Management
  • Beyond K-12 College and Career Readiness Committee
  • Expanded STEM Programs to include Middle School
  • College Prep Counselors in High School and Middle School
  • Summer College Courses at Centralia College for High School Juniors
  • College in High School classes
  • College Fairs and Prep Workshops at WFW
  • Dedicated College Success Coach

Published May 18, 2015



Prepare our students for college and careers.


Through 2017 $2M+.

The Foundation has expanded the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative over the next five years. Today the initiative partnership includes Centralia College and more private donors which increases the offerings to Chehalis students.


  • 100% of eligible (lower income) students signed up for college bound scholarship in 8th grade
  • Increased 8th grade student algebra enrollment from 25%-44%
  • 15% increase from average over the last 2 years in the % of graduates meeting high school course requirements for admission to a Washington 4-year college (From average of 36% to 51%)
  • 3% increase in W.F. West grads going directly to college (From average of 55% to 63.1%)
  • 2016 Chehalis School District earns Career Guidance Award from Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction