Chet and Henrietta Rhodes Spray Park

The site of today’s Shaw Aquatic Center was once the home of a large public, outdoor pool, with an accompanying wading pool for the city’s youngest swimmers. Unfortunately, the two pools’ plumbing was tied together, so whenever a pre-schooler had an “oops” moment or a toddler’s swim diaper failed, the outdoor pool had to be closed, drained and sanitized. Pool closure was frustrating for the public and pool staff alike, and costly for the city.

In 2006 fundraising began for a new, independently–plumbed, fun and safe space for young children’s outdoor water play. And in 2007 the park was built by Northwest Playground Equipment, Inc. The project was funded entirely by donations from private individuals, organizations and businesses in the community. A total of $120,00 was raised to cover $106,000 in construction costs, leaving a balance that was set aside for future repairs and/or additions.

Published March 13, 2015



Create a large, fun, safe and clean space for young children’s outdoor water play.


More than $126,000 since 2006.

The Chehalis Foundation managed fundraising, public relations and accounting for the construction of the Spray Park, and continues to finance its annual maintenance.


Chehalis’ youngest aquatic enthusiasts now have a state–of–the–art facility for summer fun!