Since 2003, we have completed over twenty successful projects that have renovated public parks and recreational facilities, supported civic improvements and have enhanced educational excellence in Chehalis Schools. We do these projects in partnership with the city, Chehalis School District and our community. We all share the belief  that a vibrant community is a healthy community and while these projects will help our hometown for generations to come, we know there is still much more to do.

16 years and counting.This video features donors and volunteers who share their reasons for supporting the foundation, celebrating its long-running and continuous improvements in the community.

There is a reason people give to the Chehalis Foundation. People and businesses give to the Chehalis Foundation because they believe in the work they are doing for the community. For over a decade the Foundation has been supporting improvements in the city, renovating parks and more recently they have been investing in educational programs in our schools.

Supporting Possibilities. An in depth interview with two W.F. West students, Lesley Guillen and Alicia Garcia. The two discuss how the support for the Student Achievement Initiative by Chehalis Foundation has changed their lives.

The Future Is Being Created Today. Last school year we asked a few W.F. West seniors and science teachers to share their thoughts and experiences having worked with the STEM programs and equipment made available by the Chehalis Foundation. In their words, you will hear the impact that the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative has made.