Lintott Alexander Park

A century ago the Alexander family donated the land at the confluence of the Chehalis and Newaukum rivers to the city of Chehalis. Generations of local kids learned to swim there with a lifeguard on duty, and the park was the place to go for a picnic or softball game on a nice summer day. In the 1980’s Alexander Park was closed due to budget concerns. Overgrown and abandoned, it receded into memory until the Chehalis Foundation decided to restore the park in partnership with the city of Chehalis.

Published February 10, 2015



Clear overgrown weeds and brush along riverbanks, construct picnic facilities, children’s play areas, and a paved walkway around the park’s six-acre perimeter.


The Chehalis Foundation raised more than $300,000, jump-started in 2004 by a $25,000 donation from Jim Lintott, a W.F. West High School class of 1982 graduate. He contributed in honor of his late father Robert E. Lintott, who was a fourth-grade teacher in Chehalis. The Chehalis Foundation expects to continue funding the maintenance for the city.

CF organized the efforts of hundreds of citizens who volunteered thousands of labor hours to restore the park to a better-than-new condition. The facility is managed by the city of Chehalis with donations from the Chehalis Foundation to maintain the facilities.


The park is a sanctuary, sitting just a five-minute drive from downtown Chehalis. The tranquil setting, almost completely surrounded by river and trees, is the perfect location for a picnic or class reunion, wedding reception or family gathering.