Beyond K-12

Remarkable things have been done in Chehalis over the past decade. The community created a new world-class library. The Chehalis Foundation led the effort to create an amazing aquatic center, restored Lintott Alexander Park, and many other community enhancements. The money, time, and effort to make these things happen have come from loyal Bearcats living here and all across the country.

To meet these new goals, the Chehalis Foundation has launched Beyond K-12, Student Achievement Initiative fundraising campaign and it aims to prepare every W.F. West graduate to be career and college ready. We believe that the Chehalis economy and community will flourish when our schools are ranked high in educational standards.

Our investment in W.F. West High School’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs over the past few years has proven to be a huge success. Their award winning STEM programs are quickly becoming nationally recognized as some of the very best! Not only are our kids getting into college programs that couldn’t have been imagined a few years ago, but also these steps forward in education will go a long way to helping our local economy and making Chehalis a better place for everyone.

Our partnership on this initiative with the Chehalis School District has expanded to include Centralia College. Based on the education successes of the past few years, the Chehalis Foundation is committed to funding the expansion of these programs beyond W.F. West High School, offering more to all Chehalis students. The foundation will be providing the key leadership and fundraising to make this initiative even more successful.

Through the generosity of a few donors, the Foundation has raised $1 million and has made a new commitment for at least $1.5 million over the next five years. And now, we need your help to raise the remaining amount.

Many of us have benefitted by growing up in Chehalis. Family, friends, teachers and people in the community helped us along the way. Many of us received West or Co man scholarships that helped pay for college. Now it’s our turn to help kids in Chehalis be successful. Education changes everything, and by supporting this initiative you not only help Chehalis students with a leg-up, but you will also be helping the community.

Here’s a fair question

“My taxes pay for public education so why do the schools need donations?”


Chehalis schools have tightened their belts and are helping to fund this Initiative. However, public funding is not sufficient to cover even basic costs. So investments from private sources are necessary. We are well on our way to meeting our fundraising goal, but we need you and others in the community to help us get there. We have raised over $1M from a few generous donors and we are asking you to give what you can.

Together We Will Create Extraordinary Outcomes.

Please consider how you can help this very important campaign. Your donation will contribute to unprecedented support for a public school district. You will be helping us make these very important educational enhancements available to every Chehalis student.

All District

  • BERC Instructional Improvement
  • Powerful Teaching and Learning in every classroom
  • Culture of Career and College Readiness
  • Powerful Technology
  • Maximize Washington State College Bound Program
  • Performance Metrics and Data Driven Management
  • Mentorship Program
  • K-12 Career and College Readiness Committee
  • District dedicates an Asst. Principal – Teaching and Learning to this Initiative
  • Math Consultant on sta
  • College Awareness Day

Middle School

  • Robotics-STEM in Middle School Curriculum
  • Summer School Math Academy
  • EYH type Event at Centralia College (400 students)
  • Dedicated College Prep Counselor
  • Naviance – College and Career Readiness Platform
  • World Language Program

High School

  • Dedicated College Advisor
  • BERC coaching for College Advisors (CMS, WFW and CC)
  • Summer STEM Academy
  • Summer College Courses at Centralia College for Juniors
  • Bridge Classes
  • Freshman and Sophomores take PSAT
  • College in High School Classes
  • College Peer Mentors
  • Class Trip to Private University
  • Individual College Visits by student interest
  • College Fairs at WFW; College Prep work- shops (FAFSA, Application, Financial, etc.)
  • BERC Transcript Evaluation
  • STEM Programs – Advanced Molecular Genetics, Scanning Electron Microscope, MATLab, Robotics

Centralia College

  • Faculty to Faculty Interactions
  • Data Sharing/Tracking
  • Dedicated College Success Coach
  • BERC coaching for College Success Coach
  • Summer College Courses open to W.F. West Juniors
  • College Peer Mentors – Ambassadors
  • Summer STEM Academy Participant day at CC

Metrics of Early Successes

100% of eligible (lower income) students signed up for College Bound scholarship in 8th grade Increase from 25%-44% of 8th grade students enrolled in algebra

15% increase from average over the last 2 years in the % of graduates meeting high school course requirements for admission to a Washington 4-year college (From average of 36% to 51%)

8.3% increase in W.F. West grads going directly to college (From average of 55% to 63.1%)

2016 Chehalis School District earns Career Guidance Award from Washington State O ce of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Education Changes Everything

The Beyond K-12 Initiative is already changing lives. If we reach our goals over the next decade that means one thousand more Bearcats will go on to earn college degrees. The whole community will benefit as our nationally recognized Chehalis schools help drive a local economic resurgence.