Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program (STEM)

“STEM” refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math.  STEM education is flourishing at W.F. West High School and across the district.  In a partnership between the school district and the Chehalis Foundation, current STEM facilities and programs include the most advanced high school Molecular Genetics lab in the state, and a new custom-made digital scanning electron microscope.  Two years ago the district launched a Middle School Math focus with donations from the Foundation paying for year-round math tutors and coaches and a four week Summer Math Academy.   The high school also offers STEM classes in: Mobile App Development, Robotics, MATLAB (matrix laboratory).  Chehalis Foundation donations help fund a summer STEM academy at W.F. West open to students across SouthWest Washington.  This year 120 students will attend and build drones.   The district has been recognized by the state as a “Lighthouse” for STEM education.  Chehalis students consistently place highly in state, national and regional competitions in Molecular Genetics and Robotics.

Published February 12, 2015



Inspire and prepare tomorrow’s science, technology, engineering and math leaders.


The Chehalis Foundation raised and contributed $113,000 for STEM classes and resources for grades 6-12 in 2014-2015.


Middle school and high school students have access to advanced classes, sophisticated equipment and staffing resources to help them get ahead in the STEM disciplines.