The Chehalis Foundation has raised over 12 million dollars in the past 13 years to fund more than 24 civic and educational projects. These include rebuilding recreational parks, community pools and ballparks, renovating buildings, beautifying the streets of Chehalis, helping other non-profit community organizations and most notably, enhancing the educational programs in our schools. We work hard to make every project successful, and we judge our success by the positive impact our work has on the community.

If you’d like to present a project to the Chehalis Foundation for funding consideration please print out the appropriate form for an individual request or on behalf of your organization.

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Contributing to the Chehalis Foundation will help create even more possibilities for our Chehalis students. Help create a legacy of educational advancement that is sustainable for future generations. Please give back to your hometown and see us continue to win.

Funding Consideration

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