Together we have achieved a great deal for Chehalis! Please read more about all of our projects over the past 16 years.


Areas of Focus

Over the past 16 years, the Chehalis Foundation has taken on over 25 civic, education and recreation projects. In total our generous donors have provided over $6M allowing these projects to be done. You can see the case studies of our featured projects that are divided into three categories of focus; Civic Improvements, Education Excellence and Parks and Recreation. Read More

Recent News

Your Support Creates Our Future What a decade we have had. What we have achieved together is impressive! The last 10 years went by quickly, so let’s revisit the impact of our work in the City of Chehalis. 2011: Chehalis Community Tennis Courts Renovation  We were able to make tennis an “after...
As you have seen, your support really does help build a better future for everyone in Chehalis. For over 16 years the Chehalis Foundation has been an essential partner for the city, and we are committed to providing leadership and conducting private fundraising that supports projects to enrich lives and...

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