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Together we have achieved a great deal!

Please read more about all of our projects over the past 16 years.
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Areas of Focus

Over the past 16 years, the Chehalis Foundation has taken on over 25 civic, education and recreation projects. In total our generous donors have provided over $6M allowing these projects to be done. You can see the case studies of our featured projects that are divided into three categories of focus; Civic Improvements, Education Excellence and Parks and Recreation.

Civic Improvements

Parks & Recreation

Educational Excellence

Recent News

Play. Ball.

Play. Ball.

The magical wooden play structure in Penny Playground has gone beyond its original 20-year lifespan. It will be replaced with an inclusive and much safer, improved facility. The new Penny Playground will be the most significant ADA accessible playground in the region....

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Chehalis Math Academy is Not Your Average Summer School

Chehalis Math Academy is Not Your Average Summer School

In three classrooms the students sat, using graphing calculators, solving problems and teaming up to figure out sports statistics, the rate at which endangered species are disappearing and other math-related issues. It looks just like any other day in the classroom,...

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