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Mockup of the Future Field
Future Home Plate Sculpture for Sponsors

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Media Release: Chehalis Foundation Announces Tyler McCallum and Robert Pehl, JR as Project Leads for WF West Bearcat Baseball Field Renovation and Turf Installation.

Date: March 3, 2022

The Chehalis Foundation and Chehalis School District, have entered into a partnership to renovate the boy’s baseball field at WF West High School.  This facility will serve the baseball community. The facility will give the players ability to practice, hold games and tournaments regardless of weather. Crews will break ground in late 2022.

Jenny Collins, Chehalis Foundation Executive Director chairs the steering committee. She stated “Tyler McCallum and Robert Pehl, JR are accomplished business leaders in our community with deep roots in Chehalis baseball.  It’s a big boost for this project to have them on board.”

Tyler McCallum, President of McCallum Rock Drilling says: “This is an exciting time for Bearcat Baseball and the Chehalis community.  These improvements will change the utilization of the baseball field completely, allowing usage to expand from just a few months a year to year-round and putting us on the map for future tournaments and events.  All of which drives funding to our community and, most importantly, the kids.”

During the initial plans for this facility, the following benefits were factors in the decision to move forward;

  • Enhancing the area appeal as a sports, tourist and entertainment destination 
  • Providing a first-class multi-purpose venue for area residents and out-of-town attendees 
  • Increasing the overall quality of life and livability of the area 
  • Capitalizing on existing and planned tourism efforts
  • Fostering relationships with area educational institutions
  • Providing venues for the expansion of existing educational/sports programs and the development of new program in our local schools
  • Generating additional economic activity in terms of spending, jobs, and earnings 

Each of these were important in assessing the overall impact of the proposed facility.

The steering committee is comprised of an impressive array of members including Tyler McCallum, Robert Pehl, JR, John Rothlin, Allen Unzelman, Donnie Bunker, Rich Bunker, Bryan Bullock, Justin Wilson, Tracey Cox, Jeff Johnson, and Matt Noren.