The magical wooden play structure in Penny Playground has gone beyond its original 20-year lifespan. It will be replaced with an inclusive and much safer, improved facility.

The new Penny Playground will be the most significant ADA accessible playground in the region. New features will include:

  • Tall towers and a variety of slides
  • Multiple climbing elements
  • Ziplines
  • Swings with molded bucket seats
  • Wheelchair accessible toys
  • Unique elevated hillside
  • Walking path around the playground
  • LED lighting
  • Fencing for safety
  • Good visibility of children at play


Read what our generous supporters and donors—Dr. Pope, Phil Small, Dr. Jessica Homyack and Dr. Tom Gorman, Mike and Sue Austin, the Shaw Family, Walt and Mary Fechtner, and Don Jester—have to say at chehalisfoundation/pennyplayground.

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We have also begun the renovation of the ballfield complex. For starters, the drainage system for the fields will be completely overhauled. That will be followed by the installation of all-weather surfaces on all four fields.

We think that our highly successful high school softball program deserves a first-class facility on which to practice and play.

In addition, Chehalis has lost out on scheduling youth softball and baseball tournaments in the spring and early summer because the fields have not been playable.

Upgrading the four ballfields will allow tournaments to return to Chehalis, resulting in an increase in tourism revenue to our community
of nearly $1,000,000 per year.

Visit to read what our generous sponsors—Garth Haakenson and Gretchen Moore, Dick and Roberta Haakenson, and Heidi Pehl—have to say about the ballfield complex.

Connie Bode

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of the Rec Park Ballfield Complex

With the support of our community, we will be providing amazing experiences at the Recreation Park Ballfield Complex. This new facility will not only serve our kids in Chehalis but also the visiting families from our entire region, as we soon will be hosting youth sports tournaments again. To find out about more sponsor opportunities and ways to support the project please contact:

Connie Bode
Chehalis Foundation

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