Marjorie and Willard Scott moved to Chehalis in the summer of 1960 and started the Will Scott Insurance Agency representing Mutual of Enumclaw. They had recently married and combined their families for a total of 8 children. Four of those children were still at home and were enrolled in the Chehalis School District, and all graduated from W. F. West High School in the ‘60s. Will passed away in 2003. He and Marge were married for forty-two years.

Marge grew up during the Depression on the Keeley family farm in Enumclaw and was the second oldest of 8. Her family was like most others, no money and the kids either helped in the house or in the barn with the animals. Marge loved taking care of the animals. She learned how to make her own fun, which sometimes was running down the road with a stick and watching the dirt fly.

From an early age, Marge was all about family and hard work. She felt fortunate to have grown up as part of the “Greatest Generation”. The word “independent” described Marge all her life, whether it was her opinion or paying her own way. When she remarried to Will at the age of thirty-eight in 1960, she owned her own home, her car, and had money in the bank with no debt. Marjorie Scott passed away on February 4, 2018.