Jim and Suzi Vander Stoep Memorial Scholarship

Suzi & Jim chose to settle and raise their family in Chehalis. They believed passionately in the value of a good education for every child. When the school levy was run – they voted “yes.”

Jim and Suzi raised three Bearcats, each of whom went on to higher education, as did their six grandchildren. Jim and Suzi knew that children from any family or circumstance, with a good education and effort can rise to have a successful career.

Jim died in 2014 and Suzi in 2022. Jim & Suzi requested memorial donations go to the Chehalis Foundation. Each year since 2015, Jim and Suzi Vander Stoep Scholarships have been awarded to graduating seniors selected by the Chehalis Foundation scholarship committee. The student scholars chosen are in need of financial support to pursue higher education, have demonstrated hard work, attention to their studies, and potential for making a positive contribution.

Jim and Suzi Vander Stoep believed in giving back, in repaying the generosity their family experienced while living in Chehalis. Their hope is that students selected for this Scholarship will, in time, give back to their community.