Jack State Memorial Tennis Scholarship

The Jack State Memorial Tennis Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Jack State, a passionate tennis player and coach, and advocate for sportsmanship and leadership. This scholarship aims to recognize and support outstanding individuals who excel both on and off the tennis court.

The scholarship will be awarded to one member of the boy’s team and one member of the girl’s team, who exhibit exceptional qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, and academic achievement. Candidates must have a GPA of 3.0 and above, demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence.

Applicants should demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship, exhibiting fairness, respect, and integrity both during matches and in their interactions with teammates and competitors. They should also possess strong leadership skills, taking on roles of responsibility within the team and displaying a positive influence on their peers.

By awarding the Jack State Memorial Tennis Scholarship, we aim to support and empower student-athletes who embody the values and qualities that Jack State held dear. This scholarship serves as a testament to Jack’s love for the game and his belief in the transformative power of sportsmanship and leadership. It offers an opportunity for deserving candidates to further their education and continue their passion for tennis while honoring the legacy of Jack State.