Harry and Dorothy Gust Memorial Scholarship

Harry Gust is probably best remembered for his W. F. West wrestling programs that dominated high school wrestling for years, and his legacy of success continues today. His desire to improve the Chehalis wrestling program included starting the junior high school wrestling program. He mentored several coaches who followed in his winning tradition. He also read extensively about varying wrestling styles to give his wrestlers additional skills to succeed on the mat.

Despite receiving numerous awards for his program, his greatest reward was when his wrestlers succeeded as athletes, students and citizens. His tireless dedication to the Chehalis wrestling program was showcased by his teams’ performances in league and district competitions.

As an educator, Harry always wanted the best for his students. Their success was a testament to his ability to inspire students so they could meet the requirements for high school graduation. He was able to reach students of all levels of ability.

While Harry was busy teaching and coaching, his wife, Dorothy, was always willing to help him prepare his lessons. She routinely typed tests and lesson handouts on mimeograph paper. Remember those days before electric typewriters and computers! She was able to accomplish all of this while maintaining a household for seven people. Their dedication to this high school continues through the success of their scholarship recipients.