Edward D. Neumann Scholarship

When Mr. Neumann retired from the Shell Oil Company in 1987, he and his wife Evelyn moved to Chehalis to watch their only grandson grow up.

A year later, Mr. Neumann’s daughter mentioned to him that the Chehalis School District was looking for volunteer tutors. Mr. Neumann started tutoring a couple of times a week, and became very popular with both the staff and students. Developing a math enhancement program for 4th grade students was his favorite memory from what ended up being a 21-year commitment to the School District.

Mr. Neumann was extremely appreciative of the students he worked with and how they enriched his life. He set up this scholarship as a way of saying thank you to the students of Chehalis for all of the years of joy that they brought him.

Mr. Neumann passed away in 2020, but his love for education lives on through a legacy endowment that will continue to award scholarships every year.