Denny Daniels/Harry Gust Wrestling Scholarship

The Denny Daniels/Harry Gust wrestling award and scholarship was established after coach Daniels retired in 2001. It was established by the wrestling coaching staff to honor Harry and Denny for their long, successful careers, and their leadership for the W.F. West wrestling program. Their careers spanned the years from 1960 to 2001. Coach Gust set the tone from the beginning with his knowledge of wrestling and his demands for values of work ethic, dedication, and sportsmanship. Harry personally displayed these values as a very successful wrestler capped by a PAC 8 wrestling championship. Having coached with Harry as an assistant for 14 years, Coach Daniels continued to lead the program with success while giving much credit to his coaching years with Coach Gust. In addition to continuing the values instilled by Harry, Denny was known for promoting the program and making W.F. Wrestling a premier sport in the community and in the state. Both coaches were known for their close relationship with young men as they progressed through high school and beyond. Together, Coach Gust and Daniels had 15 league championships, 64 state placers, and coached 8 individuals to 10 state championships. Award winners are chosen by the current coaching staff and given to those who best represent the values promoted by Coach Gust and Coach Daniels.