John and Lois Leonard Career & Technical Education Scholarship

In 2020, the Chehalis Foundation created the Leonard Trust after receiving just under one million dollars from the Estate of Lois (and John) Leonard. This gift is to be used to support vocational education, including scholarships to trade schools for vocational training. The Trustee is Duane Johnson (W. F. West Class of 1968).

The Leonard trust aligns with the Chehalis School District’s Student Achievement Initiative goals, especially those of career and college readiness. John Leonard died in 2003 and his wife, Lois, passed away in 2018.

Lois Leonard graduated from Illinois State College in 1937 and taught elementary school until 1951, when she and John Leonard moved to Chehalis. John graduated from Coyne Electrical School in Illinois and developed his skills during his two-years in the US Navy. Although Lois did not teach after moving to Chehalis, she and John were involved with students by actively supporting their church’s Sunday School program and the youth of their community. They encouraged students to move on to college or the trades. They quietly supported several lower income students, while in college or seminary with financial gifts and always with their encouragement. While the Leonard’s did not have children of their own, they realized the importance of having outstanding vocational programs within the school district.