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The Chehalis Foundation is helping to create a promising future for our community, our schools and the City of Chehalis. If you would like to make positive changes in our community, and experience the joy and fulfillment of knowing that countless people are benefiting from your generosity, then please donate to the Chehalis Foundation. Join us in our commitment to create a thriving community that will have a ripple effect on the growth and health of Chehalis for generations to come.

Ways you can give to the Chehalis Foundation


Programs You Can Support

Chehalis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community foundation. Contributions sustain our ability to support the City of Chehalis with civic improvements, parks and recreational facility improvements and provide state-of-the-art educational programs and opportunities for our children.

Listed below are some of the funds that you can support.


Chehalis Foundation Alexander Lintott Family in the Park

The Chehalis Fund

Donations to this fund will further the mission of the Foundation in funding projects that benefit the city and the community. These unrestricted funds have provided support for such projects as listed in Civic Improvements. The Chehalis Fund makes it possible for the Foundation to more quickly respond to the needs of the community as they arise.


Education Excellence

Education Excellence

Our goal is to prepare every W.F. West graduate to be career and college ready. We are partnering with the city, Chehalis School District, and Centralia College to improve student achievement for every student in Chehalis. Read More


College Scholarship Funds

Graduates CelebratingChehalis Foundation has several Scholarship Funds that have been created by our generous alumni, family name memorials, and other groups and individuals. Since 2013 these funds provided a total of $135,300 in scholarships awarded to deserving W.F. West graduates. You can donate to an existing scholarship fund or establish your own scholarship and join the many people of Chehalis who support education and training beyond W. F. West for our graduating seniors.


Scholarship Funds

  • Herman and Virginia Adolphsen
  • Dr. Carl Birchard
  • Harvey Breen
  • Chehalis Foundation West/Coffman Scholarship Trust
  • Robert W. Close
  • Ruth M. Close
  • Denny Daniels / Harry Gust Wrestling Scholarship
  • George Gablehouse
  • Rodney Giske
  • Barb Grega Outstanding Citizen
  • Harry and Dorothy Gust
  • John and Lois Leonard Scholarship Trust
  • Laurie Merta
  • Pauline Parkinson
  • Rod Rinta
  • Steve Rasmusson
  • Richard “Dick” Sieler
  • Simpson, Larsen, Judd Band Scholarship
  • Connie Small
  • Smitty and Bobbie Smith
  • Jim Vander Stoep
  • Gene Verley Business Scholarship
  • Doris Hamilton White
  • Dave Williams
  • Classes of the ‘50s
  • Class of ‘63
  • Class of ‘65
  • Migrant Student Scholarship

For more information regarding the Scholarship Funds, or to establish a new one please contact Jenny Collins, Executive Director.


You Can Support Our Current Endowments
or Create a New Endowment.

The endowment funds provided to the Chehalis Foundation offer amazing support for generations to come. Today, the Foundation is the trustee or beneficiary of five endowments.  These are the West and Coffman Scholarship Trust, the Chehalis Foundation Scholarship Trust, the Ingwersen Trust to benefit Chehalis ball parks, the Ingwersen Trust to benefit STEM Education in Chehalis schools, and the Orin Smith Family Foundation Endowment to support the Chehalis School District’s Student Achievement Initiative.

We often are asked how these funds work. An endowment is a pool of funds donated by an individual donor or other foundation. These funds are then invested, and the principal remains intact. The money earned from investing the principal provides annual returns or ongoing income to be used for a specific purpose or general operation.

Please read about these generous individuals who have committed their resources and are helping Chehalis Foundation in providing perpetual support to our community.

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