The Mike and Susan Austin Scholarship

The Mike and Susan Austin Scholarship was established as a tribute to two individuals who are deeply committed to community involvement and continuing education.

Growing up, both Mike and Sue were actively engaged in school, church, and community projects, instilled with a strong sense of duty to give back to their community by their parents. After attending Centralia College, they both transferred to universities, Mike at WSU and Sue at PLU, where they continued to excel in their studies.

Following their education, Mike became a successful real estate broker, and Susan dedicated her career to education, serving the Chehalis School District. Together, Mike and Sue initiated several community projects such as the School Supplies for Students in Need, and led renovations at the Chet & Henrietta Rhodes Spray Park, and Penny Playground. They believe that every child has the right to a quality education, and are passionate about creating opportunities for children to learn and thrive.

The Mike and Susan Austin Scholarship recognizes the importance of community involvement and striving for higher education. It is designed to support students who share the same passion and commitment as Mike and Sue, those who actively participate and create a significant impact on school, church, or community projects. The scholarship aims to encourage students to pursue excellence in their studies while demonstrating a genuine dedication to making their communities a better place. By honoring Mike and Susan’s legacy, this scholarship provides a platform for inspiring, community-driven leaders to continue creating positive change for generations to come. Students pursuing this scholarship should have a GPA of 2.5 GPA or higher and have made an impact in their community through volunteer activities at church, school, or community projects.