Classes of the ‘50s

In 2010 the Class of ‘55 had an extra $1500 in their reunion account. Bob Spahr, Class of ‘65, introduced us to the idea of giving scholarships to W.F. West graduates.  The class formed a scholarship fund and we continue to support scholarships, each year.

In 2014, The Chet Rhodes Family Foundation of Thurston County heard that the Class of ‘55 had a scholarship program going on since 2010. Son, Don Rhodes, ‘54 called them. He said his family was looking for a way to donate to the Chehalis School System as his father, Chet Rhodes, was Superintendent of Schools in the 50’s. His foundation could match up to $7500 annually.

This year, the classes of ‘52, ‘53, ‘54, ‘55, ‘56, ‘57 and ‘58 have donated.

Gifts in memory of Mary Roberts Rakoz, Joan Sanderson Shepherd, Betty Bailey, Harvey Breen, Lynn Kuehner, Duane Neibermeir, Frank Ternan, David Sarver, and Rod Giske were made.  Rod Giske was a W.F. West Football coach in the ‘50’s.

The annual awards have been averaging $18,000 since the Rhodes inception began in 2015.

To date, we are proud to have awarded 96 students $121,000.00 with the aid of the Chet Rhodes Family Foundation.