Class of 1967 Endowment

The Class of 1967 graduates of W.F. West High School present the Class of 1967 Scholarship, a remarkable opportunity for students to pursue their dreams and further their education. The class of 1967 chose a wide variety of jobs and career opportunities after graduation and want to offer scholarship opportunities for students graduating from W.F. West.

The theme of this scholarship is “Follow Your Dreams,” reflecting our commitment to supporting students who have a strong desire to continue their education in various forms. Whether your passion lies in attending a trade school, specific CTE programs, community college, or a four-year university, we encourage you to apply.

In selecting deserving recipients for this scholarship, the Class of 1967 will consider multiple criteria. These include financial need, active involvement and contribution to the community, ambitious goals and aspirations, as well as a GPA that demonstrates an upward trajectory and growth over time.

The graduates of the Class of 1967, are dedicated to empowering students and helping them achieve their dreams. Through this scholarship, we aim to make a meaningful impact in the lives of deserving students, enabling them to pursue higher education and create a bright future for themselves.