Smitty and Bobbie Smith Memorial Scholarship

In March of 1962, the Smith family moved to Chehalis from Eugene, Oregon. Smitty was promoted to Assistant Manager at Sears in Chehalis and thus began their love of this town and the great friends that they made here. In 1967, another opportunity arose. Bobbie and Smitty returned to Eugene to build and operate Emerald Valley Golf Course. They sold the golf course in 1974 and continued to live in Eugene where Smitty was Business Manager at Northwest Christian College. Smitty and Bobbie helped many students with good home cooked meals, spending money, and listening when they were homesick or needed someone to help them navigate college.

In 1989, after both daughters had returned to Chehalis, Smitty, Bobbie and Rick moved back. It was as if they had never left. They became involved in their church, Chehalis Rotary, W.F. West High School, Special Olympics and Lewis County Work Opportunities. Smitty was always available to deliver food and clothing donations when the high school had their food and clothing drives. They never missed their granddaughters’ and great-grandsons’ sporting events, and Smitty never missed wrestling, basketball, baseball, or football at W.F. West. Both Smitty and Bobbie were very involved in this high school, volunteering their time, donating to scholarships and mentoring students and staff.

Smitty and Bobbie believed that a college education or vocational training was necessary for all students graduating from high school. Since it was their example