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The Chehalis Foundation is partnering with the Chehalis City Parks Department to manage a large-scale renovation of Penny Playground in Recreation Park. The existing Penny Playground was built in 1993 and the wooden structures along with the pea gravel surface have gone beyond the original 20-year lifespan. The Chehalis Foundation is fundraising to provide a safer and much-improved playground.

Design Details

The new playground has been designed to be a destination play area with an emphasis on being inclusive, ADA accessible, and with an all-weather play surface. The entire design incorporates:

  • Tall towers
  • Multiple climbing elements
  • Zip lines
  • Swings with molded bucket seats
  • All-weather play surface
  • A variety of slides
  • Wheelchair accessible toys
  • Unique elevated hillside
  • Walking path around the playground
  • Seating
  • LED lighting
  • Fencing for safety
  • Good visibility of children at play
  • Shade areas Fencing for safety

Playgrounds provide a central meeting location for children to have these experiences. The closest accessible playground is nearly 70 miles away and is much smaller in scope. That’s why we want to create a free-to-all play environment using inclusive playground equipment that welcomes kids and families of all abilities to learn, play and grow together.

You Can Help Build Penny Playground by Purchasing Fence Pennies!

Add your name or personal message to a Fence Penny or a “family” of multiple coins that will dance and shine on the new Penny Playground fencing!

Fence Pennies will be made of 2.5″ diameter, copper colored metal and suspended from chain link fence surrounding the new Penny Playground. They will be personalized with a message of your choice, up to 36 characters.

Penny Fence Sample

Become a Penny Playground Sponsor

Connie Bode

To find out about more sponsor recognition opportunities such as larger coins in the entry pergola, the pathways, honor wall, and more, please contact:

Connie Bode
Chehalis Foundation


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