Pauline Parkinson Memorial Scholarship

Pauline Parkinson was a very special wife, mother, and friend of this high school. Pauline worked here for three W. F. West principals — George Murdock, Rainer Houser, and Dr. Linda Smith. However, she really worked for the students. She had her priorities right! She loved working with the staff and students of this high school.

Her special delight was taking care of a student who was in danger of not graduating. She was able to understand the problems, find help, and get them back on track. It was not unusual for her family to find they had a young lodger for a month or two if a student needed help through tough times. She made sure they had a bed, ate meals with the family, and most important, were at school every day. After all, she was the attendance secretary!

Without a doubt, Pauline’s most loved extracurricular activity was working with Mr. Judd in the Band program. Was it because her son Darryl was an excellent trumpet player and was involved in music throughout high school? That was not the only reason. Pauline loved music and wanted to contribute to the program. Everyone noticed that Mr. Judd relied on Pauline to help keep him organized. She was who he turned to for help in making music programs, designing awards, helping organize band trips, and supporting him in crunch times. She loved it, and the staff and students loved her.

Pauline’s family and friends began this scholarship in the spring of 2015 following her death. The scholarship is given to celebrate Pauline’s life, and to honor her unwavering love for the students of W. F. West High School and her belief in the importance of a college education.