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Why One Family Chose Chehalis.

When the Chehalis Foundation began its partnership with the Chehalis School District a few years ago, it was determined to improve outcomes for kids graduating from high school. We wanted them to be prepared for meaningful careers and post-secondary education. We believed the community at large was also going to benefit from having a great school system. We knew that if we had great schools ranking high in STEM programs, people would choose to live here based on quality education. We also believed that when people moved here for our schools, property values would improve, local businesses would benefit, and companies would want to locate here because their work force would want to live in a community with great schools.

We recently met a family who told us about their path to Chehalis. Their story makes us very proud of the work that is going on in our schools. This is just one story, but it gives us an optimistic view of what is to come as a result of the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative.

The Homyack Family. Chehalis Foundation.

Jessica Homyack and her husband Tom Gorman are both PhD’s in their respective fields of environmental sciences. They have two children, Leo, 5 years, and Violet, 8 years old. Last year they were living in North Carolina, when Jessica, who works for Weyerhaeuser, had the opportunity to transfer to the company’s Environmental Research office based in Centralia. They made the move and decided to live in Chehalis because they liked their research findings about the schools in Chehalis.

“We believe that quality education is very important. Both of us, having science backgrounds and PhD’s, really liked the STEM focus in the Chehalis schools. The opportunities for the students and the access to high-tech equipment were both very impressive. Now that our kids are attending the elementary schools here, we also appreciate that the expectation of attending college is part of the daily classroom conversation. My second grader knows the name of the college her teacher attended, and also the one that her teacher’s daughter attends! It is great when college is part of the expectation for the kids from the beginning.”

So, change is happening in Chehalis…one family at a time.

Realizing our goals requires investment. We’re asking the community to join us in investing so we can provide career opportunities for Chehalis kids. Please donate today to the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

Together we will create extraordinary outcomes.

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