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We give thanks for you.

Because of your support for our community we are changing lives for generations to come.

This year we have asked our community to support the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative, and once again we are seeing the generosity of people from Chehalis.  With donations of all sizes, big and small, your contributions are helping to change educational possibilities for our kids. We can honestly say that the opportunities go beyond what is available in public educational systems nationally!

For our donors we are very, very grateful. Because of your investment, amazing opportunities are being realized for our students, their families and for all of us living in Chehalis.

I want to also thank the Chehalis Foundation Board of Directors, past and present. They work tirelessly to bring successful results to our projects and I am grateful to play a role.

So this year on Thanksgiving I am once again reflecting on how thankful I am for the people of Chehalis. You are truly very special.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tim Sayler
President, Board of Directors
Chehalis Foundation

Tim Sayler Chehalis Foundation

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