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The Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative is a partnership between the Chehalis Foundation, Chehalis School District and Centralia College. It aims to prepare every W.F. West graduate to be career and college ready. To meet new goals, we have launched a $1.5M fundraising campaign. The Chehalis Foundation is committed to raising the $1.5M for the expansion of educational and support programs beyond W.F. West High School, offering more to all Chehalis students. This funding allows the School District to do far more than what the usual taxes and levies could do, and that’s very exciting for everyone in Chehalis. To help us reach our goal we could use your help.

Recently we learned the good news that over the next five years there will be 740,000 job openings in Washington State, which is triple the current average. However, only 20% of those jobs are entry-level jobs. The rest require certified training or college. We are experiencing a serious shortfall since nearly 70% of Washington State students that graduate high school will not receive a college degree or training certificate to fill the requirement. This means we will be filling these jobs with people from out of state or companies will move some of their operations out of state. It is estimated that by 2023 over 75% of new jobs in our state will require some type of postsecondary credential. There is no doubt that a 4-year college degree, a 2-year college degree or technical training credential will lead to more meaningful employment opportunities.

W.F. West College Panel (left) Bates Technical College Visit (right)

W.F. West College Panel (left)          ::          Bates Technical College Visit (right)

Right here in Chehalis, 80% of high school graduates do not successfully complete a postsecondary education degree. The Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative is changing this statistic. We plan to increase the percentage of kids completing a postsecondary education to 60% by 2024 – that is double the current statewide average. Supporting the Beyond K-12 Initiative represents a win for the students, their families, and the entire community. Together, we have accomplished a great deal, but there is so much more to do.

These facts about postsecondary education and future employment opportunities are in sync with the key elements of the Beyond K-12 Initiative. The good news is that we are seeing a huge step in the right direction! We are making a real difference in the lives of Chehalis students and families by:

  • Ensuring that our K-12 system produces graduates that are truly career and college ready.
  • Focusing on participation and completion of a postsecondary education.
    Helping students, beginning in elementary school, to develop better awareness of career opportunities.
  • Providing exposure to college and technical training schools that will begin in High School with credited classes and campus tours.
  • Providing the support of dedicated college advisors for W.F. West students regardless of where they go to postsecondary school, ensuring student follow-through and increasing successful outcomes.

We have been fundraising for this Initiative for the past year. There are many in our community who have already generously donated to the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative and for that we are grateful. If you haven’t yet, we hope you will consider supporting this very important campaign.

Realizing our goals requires investment. We’re asking the community to join us in investing so we can provide career opportunities for Chehalis kids. Please donate today to the Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

The Chehalis Foundation has set the goal, assisted the School District with a clear path to success, built a strong leadership team, and ensures your donation aligns with your expectations.

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Kerri Chaput
College Prep Advisor, W.F. West High School

Kerri W Grads November 2016 Chehalis Foundation“My job exists because of the Chehalis Foundation. One of the new components of the Beyond K-12 Initiative has been the addition of a College Prep Advisor. At W.F. West I work with students and help them navigate their plans after graduation, whether that is a community or technical college, an apprenticeship, or attending a university. I assist them with filling out FAFSA forms, college applications, scholarship applications, and I arrange college and technical school campus visits. The kids really need the kind of one-on-one encouragement, mentoring, and advice that the Foundation has afforded our district. It is so much fun to see students engaging with these new opportunities.”

Together we will create extraordinary outcomes.

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