Jim Vander Stoep Memorial Scholarship

Jim Vander Stoep practiced law in Chehalis for more than 50 years. He had passionate faith in the value of a good education. He believed that any child, from any family, could find success in America with hard work and a good education. He believed that there was no better investment in a person’s future than a good quality education.
He and his wife, Suzi, raised three Bearcats, each of whom went on to earn college degrees. One graduated from Stanford, and two from Western Washington University. In the Vander Stoep home, it wasn’t a question of whether they were going to support the school levy. They voted ‘yes’. It wasn’t a question of whether the children were going to college –the only question was ‘where’.

Jim died in 2014 and donations from friends and family were made in his name. The scholarship recipients are chosen by the Chehalis Foundation scholarship committee and endorsed by the Vander Stoep family. The student scholars demonstrated hard work and attention to their studies.

Jim Vander Stoep believed in giving back, in repaying generosity he received by being generous to others. His expectation is that these students will, one day, give back to the community that was generous to them.