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The New Year has arrived! For many of us it’s that time when we think about new beginnings. And we resolve to make our lives better than ever. You know – get some exercise, eat more vegetables, take a class and learn something new. Well there’s a way you can make yourself feel good and make the Chehalis community a better place.

How? By supporting the Chehalis Foundation.

The simple act of contributing to the Chehalis Foundation will have a definite effect on someone’s life. Maybe it’ll be your friend who uses the community pool all summer. It could be a neighbor’s child who really wants to get into college, so they take advantage of the STEM programs at W.F West. Or maybe it’s your brother or sister with a business in town that needs a thriving community to succeed. The fact is, by supporting the Chehalis Foundation, your gift will be part of a growing commitment that is creating an amazing community.

The New Year is the ideal time for rebirth, optimism, and a new spirit. Won’t you consider making a lasting impression?

To learn more, contact John Diefendorf at

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