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Chehalis Foundation was launched in 2004 as a way to fund projects to benefit the community without using taxpayer dollars. Nearly 13 years later, we are humbled by the support of this amazing community. With the support of all of our donors, both small and large, so many important projects have been accomplished for Chehalis, like this one that is just getting started!

Recreation Park

We are very excited to get involved with the restoration of Recreation Park. Based on our success with the Spray Park, Shaw Aquatic Center, and surrounding amenities, we know the results will be terrific for the community.

In 2016 we contributed $80,000 to help the city conduct a study to determine the best path forward for restoration. The City developed a solid and affordable plan to make Recreation Park a very successful and important project. The Chehalis Foundation announced at the end of 2016 that it will be making an additional contribution of $400,000 over the next 5 years toward a new drainage system. The new system will allow the park, especially the four ball fields that will be staying in Recreation Park, to be used by slow pitch girls teams and little league earlier in the year, and longer into the summer. Our local teams and out-of-town teams continually use these four ball fields for games and tournaments. The tournaments bring people and revenue to local businesses and the city. Installing a new drainage system will make these ball fields and the overall park more useful for more people and for more of the year. The City reports that the commitment by the Chehalis Foundation is helping attract the attention of other organizations that may also provide funds toward this project.

John Rothlin

Introducing our newest board member

John Rothlin

Please help us welcome our newest board member, John Rothlin, who joined our leadership team in November 2016. John is a 1981 graduate of W.F. West High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Washington State University. John and his wife, Brenda, make their home in Chehalis. They have two children, Joseph and Payton, both recent W.F. graduates now pursuing careers in engineering. Watching his kids benefit from investments in STEM curricula in Chehalis schools, John became a passionate advocate for the work of the Foundation that has helped elevate educational opportunities for young people and set a new standard for civic enhancement in this community. Read more about John on our website.

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