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June 2016

Great news!

We have officially launched our Beyond K-12 Student Achievement Initiative fundraising campaign. You will be seeing our posters and ads around town. In the mail you will be receiving a postcard, letters, and information that will tell you why we are so excited about it.

The Chehalis Foundation has been supporting the Chehalis School District’s Student Achievement Initiative for the past few years and we are thrilled with the results to date. Just one example is the award winning STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) programs. They have been such a big success that we are sharing our “Secret Sauce” with visiting school districts from around the state that want to come and find out what is going on here. They want to know how this small community achieved the results we have in education so quickly. How has W.F. West been able to do such a great job that they were able to secure a 5.5 million dollar grant for building a new STEM Wing? How is it we are quickly becoming nationally recognized?

So, What is our “Secret Sauce”?

Well, it is you.

Our community.

Our Alumni.

Our supporters.

The heart and soul of Chehalis.

Because of your past support for the Chehalis Foundation and other community initiatives, we have a new swimming complex in the Shaw Aquatic Center, we have a beautifully restored Lintott Alexander Park, a new Public Library in the Vernetta Smith Timberland Library, we have restored ballparks, we have new tennis courts and today we can proudly say that we have some of the best educational programs in the country. Together we have been making truly incredible changes in our city.

Education changes everything.

Many of us have benefitted by growing up in Chehalis. Family, friends, teachers and people in the community helped us along the way. Now it’s our turn to help kids in Chehalis be successful. By supporting the Beyond K-12 campaign you not only help Chehalis students with a leg-up, but you will also be helping the community.

We believe that the Chehalis economy and community will flourish when our schools are ranked high in educational standards. Our efforts are working.

Together we will create extraordinary outcomes.

Please consider how you can help this very important campaign.

Donate Today at

Beyond K-12 Video Thumbnail
Beyond K-12 Video Thumbnail
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