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The Spirit of Giving

This holiday season we are happy to report that the spirit of giving is alive and well. You’ll find it in all of the donors who generously gave to the Chehalis Foundation.

Their gifts came to us in all sizes. They were not wrapped up with fancy paper or pretty ribbons. They will not be found under a decorated tree. But their gifts will be appreciated far more than many. Their gifts help us support education in Chehalis Schools, restore Recreation Park, or any number of other community projects.

So, this holiday season, we invite you to give the most remarkable gift – a contribution to the Chehalis Foundation. The fact is, by supporting the Chehalis Foundation, your gift will be part of a growing commitment that is creating an amazing community.

Have a joyous holiday with your family, your friends, and all those you hold dear – and we wish for you a very Happy New Year!

Chehalis Foundation and Board of Directors

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